25 Craziest Photos From Walmart


Walmart seems to be a magnet for some seriously insane things in this world. Today, we’re taking a look at the weirdest of the weird that Walmart has to offer. 

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Halloween at Walmart

Walmart is no laughing matter…unless you’re a jester.

Fashion Sense

Just because you need to go to Walmart doesn’t mean you have to leave the comfort of your bed. 

The Devil is in the Details

Jesus doesn’t care–he’s making a killing off these shirts. 

Wait for It…

Shocked? Just wait til you see the battery prices in the background. 

Parent of the Year

Just defrost him in the microwave, and I’m sure he’ll be fine. 

Gotta Catch Em All

Parenting: you’re doing it right.

Spell Check is a Must

They sold out in minutes, all thanks to a typo. 

No Subtlety

It gets the point across, I’ll give them that…

I’m Ready for My Closeup

Everyone looks fabulous when they go to Walmart. 

True Dedication

Someone is clearly hunting for a bargain. 

Air is Optional

Kids are such pros at keeping themselves entertained. 

Cosplay Gone Wrong

The Hamburglar is looking pretty racy these days!

Warning: Student Driver

It’s better than some parking jobs I’ve seen at Walmart!

Worlds Collide

This is what you get when a cowboy and an elf fall in love. 

Paging Tinkerbell

The camo fairy is here to grant your every Walmart wish!

Seems Legit

The rules of nutrition are different when you step inside a Walmart. 

Placement: You’re Doing it Wrong

Marketing needs a refresher on how eggs work.

Math is Hard

You won’t find a “sale” like this anywhere else!

The Dirty Truth

Everyone needs a friend during those dark times in life. 

Tony Hawk You Don’t Look So Good

His joints may protest, but he’s got a skater’s soul.

Thanks Public School!

It seems like our youths might need some more educating…

Just Another Day at Walmart

It was clearly laundry day. 

Political Fashion

I wonder who she voted for in 2008? 

Gourmet Cuisine by Walmart Standards

“Sounds delicious!” Said no one ever. 

Supply and Demand

Pool noodles are clearly the hottest item of the summer. 

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