5 Magical Jobs at Disney World: Work Happily Ever After


Which Disney jobs are the best? Let’s find out! You’ll never guess what the No. 1 Disney job is…

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Disney Jobs

Walt Disney World is known as the “happiest place on earth,” mostly because of the abundance of jobs and internship opportunities for students and recent graduates. From Imagineering to Princessing, the possibilities at Disney are endless – but we’ve narrowed it down to the five best and most magical jobs at Walt Disney World.

5. Disney Princess

Have you ever dreamed of doing anything else with your life besides being a Princess? Of course not, and your dream could come true if you work for Disney – but only if you make the cut. Disney Princesses, better known as “Face Characters” at Disney, must be 5’3” to 5’7” and are typically ages 18-23. Princesses make anywhere from $13-$16 an hour, and there’s not much chance of advancement. So if your heart is set on Princessing, you should keep in mind that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which doesn’t equal a lasting career.

Why it Rocks: Besides the obvious (hello, you’re a Princess – you’re basically famous and living out everyone’s dream), training includes watching your Princess persona’s Disney movie, and daily responsibilities include getting your hair and makeup done every day, wearing sparkly dresses, and getting your picture taken by hundreds of fans. No big deal.

4. Disney Imagineer

Disney Imagineers are the heart and soul (and brains, mostly) of Disney World. Literally everything you see at each of the Disney theme parks, from roller coasters to cruise ships, was imagined and created by Disney Imagineers. As an Imagineer, your job possibilities are endless. Disney Imagineers are involved in everything from design and engineering to show writing and production. It’s one of the most sought-after Disney jobs, but also the hardest to attain. 

3. Trainer at Animal Kingdom

Any job working with animals would be a dream come true in my book, but the trainers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom get to work one-on-one with all kinds of animals every single day. Internships with Disney’s Animal Programs are also available to students and recent graduates. 

2. Pet Sitter for Best Friends Pet Care at Epcot

Once again, working with animals is just the best. Best Friends Pet Care at Epcot is basically an animal hotel where guests can drop their furry friends off while they explore the magic of Disney. Activities from Disney’s website include “playtime, cuddletime, ice-cream break, bedtime stories, and tuna on a ritz,” so as a pet sitter for Best Friends Pet Care, you could spend your days so many ways: taking dogs on walks, feeding cats tuna on a ritz, or grooming them at the pet salon. Because why not?!

1. Custodian

You’re probably wondering how on earth custodial work could make the same list as Disney Princesses and pet sitters, but there’s one thing that sets this job apart from the more typically desirable jobs: there are almost no responsibilities. Custodians at Disney can move and communicate with Disney guests freely without the pressure of keeping up a persona or maintaing a permanent smile on their faces. You don’t have lines you have to repeat all day, every day. Custodians get to see all of Disney World all the time. It may not be everyone’s dream job, but former Disney College Program participant Carrie Grooms thinks it’s the best job you can land at Disney World.

Internships and College Programs

Disney has a multitude of opportunities for college students and recent college graduates. Disney internships are available in every discipline, ranging from animation and architecture to marketing and sales. For more information on Disney internships and college programs, visit their website.

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