6 Jobs Perfect for Teens


A strong work ethic must be learned early-on to be effective. It’s never too early to land your first job, whether it’s a summer job or a part-time job during the school year. Check out this list of the best jobs for teens and get to working!

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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Ages 12+

Many people want their dogs to be walked during the daytime hours, and hiring kids who are out of school for the summer is a great way to get it done – as well as a great way for you to make money. Some people will also hire you to watch their dog or cat when they go on vacation. 

Delivering Local Papers

Ages 12+

If your hometown still has a local paper, check to see if they need a paperboy or papergirl to pass out their newspapers early in the morning.


Ages 13+

Babysitting is usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of jobs suitable for teens. It’s also pretty much the easiest gig to land if you (or your parents) know plenty of people with young children.


Ages 14+

If you live in a neighborhood with big yards, then chances are there will be people willing to pay you to take care of them. You’re never too young to start your own small landscaping or yard-mowing business for your neighbors.


Ages 15+

Some families near you may be so busy that they’re willing to pay you to mop their floors, wash their windows, and vacuum their whole house once or twice a month. You can advertise your services around your neighborhood, and the more clients you get, the more money you’ll make.


Ages 16+

Many parents are willing to pay their child’s top classmates to tutor their child when the kid is having trouble. If you make great grades, you should explore tutoring options. Some tutor center businesses may also hire you as a traditional employee.

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