8 Ways to Make a Good Grade When Your Professor Hates You


Many students think that if their professor hates them, there’s nothing they can do to avoid receiving a bad grade — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a professor’s job to remain objective, so as long as you make an effort to do these eight things, you will receive the grade you deserve.

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Study Harder

If you think you only need to study for two hours for your upcoming test, study for four. And study hard. No hour-long Starbucks breaks or checking your Facebook every five minutes. You need to be confident in yourself to make a high grade, and once your professor sees that you’re serious about your grades, they’ll hopefully start to lighten up. 

Answer Questions in Class

Whenever your professor asks a question in class and everyone around you sits there like a deer in headlights, you should speak up and answer the question (if you know the answer). If you don’t know the answer, don’t spout off the first thing that comes to your mind; just wait until you know you can answer the question accurately. 

Visit Your Professor During Their Office Hours

Talking with your professor about your grades, and possibly even personal topics like adjusting to college life, will show your professor that you are not simply going through the motions of this class. Seeing you outside of the classroom setting will foster a friendlier relationship between you, so you won’t have to worry about them giving you a lower grade. 

Show Up to Class On Time

If you are consistently late to class, you shouldn’t be surprised that your professor hates you. It’s rude and disruptive, so if you want to get back in your professor’s good graces, you need to make a serious effort to show up on time (or early) for class every single day. That Starbucks run can wait until after class. 

Work in Groups

If all else fails, you can always befriend/work on homework with a group of people whom the professor does like. By associating with your professor’s favorite students, they may start to see you for the stellar student you really are, and you may pick up tips from these students on how to do better in your classes. 

Turn in Every Single Assignment (On Time)

It’s no secret that professors don’t like students who don’t put forth effort in their classes, so even if the homework is only worth 5% of your overall grade, you still need to do it. Students who complete every part of the class are more likely to be met with lenience at the end of the semester if they have an 89.4% in the class.  

Put Your Phone Away

Playing games or texting while your professor is lecturing is a surefire way to get them to dislike you. Being on your phone (or your tablet) is incredibly rude, so unless you have a serious emergency, keep the phone in your backpack. Don’t try to text underneath your desk, either; professors can still see you.  

Be as Nice as Possible

Last but not least, just be nice! Maybe your professor is having a hard day and the last thing they need is for yet another student to be rude to them. Remember, they’re people too, so treat them with kindness, even if you don’t feel like it. In the end, being nice works out best for everybody!

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