Here’s What School Lunches Around the World Look Like


Harsh critisism of America’s school lunch foods has become increasingly common recently, and when compared to foods from other countries, it’s not hard to see why. These pictures of fresh fruit, mixed veggies, baguettes, and fish will make you want to study abroad.

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School Lunches Around the World

Sweetgreen, a healthfood chain devoted to raising awareness about proper nutrition and fitness, published a photo series on school lunches around the world to their Tumblr. The post went viral, and for good reason – these photos (America’s school lunch aside) will make your mouth water. 


What is it?  Pork, mixed veggies, black beans and rice, kale salad, bread, and baked plantains.


What is it?  Pea soup, beet salad, carrot salad, bread roll, pannakku (dessert pancake, similar to crepes), and fresh fruit.


What is it?  Kiwis, carrot salad, steak, green beans, cheese, and apples.


What is it?  Baked chicken on top of orzo (short-cut pasta, similar to rice), stuffed grape leaves, tomato and cucumber salad, fresh oranges, and greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds.


What is it?  Fish on a bed of arugula, pasta, caprese salad, baguette, and grapes.

South Korea

What is it?  Fish soup, tofu and rice, kimchi (raw veggies fermented in Korean spices), broccoli, and bell peppers. 


What is it?  Sauteed shrimp and brown rice with veggies, gazpacho (cold veggie soup), bell peppers, bread, and an orange.


What is it?  Mashed potatoes and link sausage, borscht (beet soup), cabbage, and syrniki (dessert pancake).


What is it?  Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, green peas, fruit cup, and a cookie. 

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