15 Myths About Introverts


There’s an old saying that says “There are two types of people.” While there’s a ton of ways you can assign people, one of the most common ways to break people up is extroverts and introverts. An extrovert is the type of person that loves being around people and chatting. On the other hand, introverts prefer to be alone and quiet. Actually, scratch that. There aren’t two different types of people. Some introverts don’t mind being around people, and some extroverts would rather listen than talk. The truth is, there are tons of different kinds of people in the world.

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We always want to be alone

Introverts certainly love their alone time because it gives us time to recharge from a busy week or complete tasks that we’ve been meaning to do. Despite this, we still enjoy socializing! Whether it’s with friends, family, co-workers, or those that share the same interests, we can have a lot of fun hanging out. Our society stigmatizes those that like being alone as being strange. Sometimes, we’re often happier being by ourselves because we greatly enjoy our own company. 

We don’t like people

People assume that because introverts like their alone time, they don’t like people. In reality, most introverts enjoy seeing people regularly. They simply need their alone time to recharge.

We are all shy

Some introverts are shy, some are not. Even if someone is quiet, it may just mean they are selective with their words or enjoy listening to what others have to say.

We can’t be leaders

Just because someone doesn’t enjoy spending all their time around people, it doesn’t mean they don’t have the qualities of a good leader: integrity, passion, and patience.

We aren’t good at public speaking

Some of the greatest known speakers of all time were/are known introverts: Eleanor Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama, to name a few. Introverts tend to serve the audience, which helps them captivate whomever they are speaking to.

We are rude

Frequent silence and brevity when speaking is often taken for arrogance, but oftentimes it’s simply because that person chooses their words carefully and doesn’t care for pointless small talk.

We have low self-esteem

Just because an introvert is reserved and does not boast about themselves, it doesn’t mean they have low self-esteem. Many introverts have high self-esteem, which is evidenced by their lack of need for outside validation.

We always want to stay at home

Introverts don’t always want to stay at home (just most of the time). Many of us are perfectly happy going out with friends to a bar or restaurant, but we also enjoy the comfort of a familiar place.

We’re weird

Yeah, we are probably a little weird, but honestly, who isn’t? Being weird makes you interesting and memorable. This one is actually a compliment to most of us!

We don’t have any friends

Most introverts don’t have massive social circles, but nearly all of us have a small group of tight-knit friends. A lot of introverts even have one or two friends they can hang around all the time!

We can (and should) try to be more extroverted

For a long time, people thought that introversion was something that can and should be ‘cured.’ For one thing, it can’t be cured. For another, it shouldn’t be! There are a lot of benefits that come with being an introvert, and we don’t want to lose them!

We’re depressed

Being by yourself is often linked to depression – it’s actually listed as a symptom of depression. However, we don’t really get depressed just because we’re by ourselves. Maybe this rumor comes from extroverts that prefer to be around friends or else they become depressed, but most of us introverts are just fine on our own.

We’re more creative and intellectual than extroverts

There are plenty of myths that suggest introverts are more creative than extroverts, and that’s just not true. Sure, there are some introverts that have been incredibly smart, like Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin, but extroverts can be just as intelligent and creative. Steve Jobs and Margaret Thatcher were extroverts and both creative and extremely intellectual.

We have poor social skills

Introverts are more than capable of developing fantastic social skills. In fact, some can be incredibly hilarious or ooze charm when they feel like talking. Lack of talking in certain situations doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t talk at all, either.

We always prefer to listen

Just like anyone, we enjoy talking about things we love, but we may need an invitation to do so. It’s true that introverts spend more time listening than talking, but that doesn’t mean we’re always up to listening to someone else. Ask about our passions and you shall receive.  

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