Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home


There are easy ways to add color to your home but getting started can be hard. You can go overboard and end up with a neurotic space that’s uncomfortable to be in. You can also play it safe only to find yourself in a neutral nightmare with all the personality of dried pasta. Finding a happy medium can seem daunting and can even paralyze experienced designers. Luckily, there are some simple and easy-to-pull-off ways to add pops of color into a room.

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Side Chairs

Small chairs or puffs are a great way to add both texture and color into a space.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a cheap option that can add color and interest. They can be updated with the seasons whether it’s with new pillows or covers.

Wall Art

Large canvas pieces or gallery walls are a great way to add color into a room. It’s a way that feels curated and contemporary while giving you complete control over how much color and where.


Plants can add a whole range of colors, not just green! Live plants also purify air so what’s not to love? There are plenty of plants on the market, including low-maintenance plants for those that have a thumb that’s less than green.

Lighting Panels and Strip Lighting

Lighting panels or LED strip lights normally have a whole range of colors built in, so you can match them to any space or mood! Plus, they’re usually fairly cheap.

Pots and Dishes

Simply leaving a brightly colored piece of dishware can add color without having to buy anything extra. It can be enamel cast iron or even a colorful water pitcher. Instead of hiding it in your cabinet, display it!


Curtains are a sophisticated way to bring color into a room. Solids or simple patterns work best. Don’t be afraid to play around with sheers, either. The possibilities are endless.

Accent Wall

If you found a color that you absolutely adore, dedicating an entire wall in your room can add drama and interest. Just make sure to pair the other walls up with complementary colors or neutrals.


The spines on your books in your bookcase could be throwing off the color harmony in your room. Simplify down to books with spines in one or two of colors of your choosing for a clean look.


Lamps come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Keep the lamp shades neutral and look for bases in fun colors to add the right pop of color to your room.


Colorful glass tile is a great way to add color to a kitchen, especially when paired with white cabinets.

Side Tables

Bright side tables can really pop when paired against a neutral fabric. If you have the perfect table, but it’s a bland color, painting it is always an option!

Vases and Sculptures

Vases and sculptures can be nestled in corners, bookcases, or pretty much anywhere. They can add the perfect little bit of color that you need to accent your room.


Throw rugs are a wonderful way to ground a room with color. Keep from picking anything too distracting or with an overly busy pattern. It looks good, but it can be hard to style around.

Trim and Moldings

Trim and moldings are traditionally white but switching it up can have striking results.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great way to create built-in displays for all kinds of things. They can also be filled with accent pieces that work with your palette and accentuates the room further.


Painting brick fireplaces or wood fireplace mantels are any easy to update your space. It also adds interest in an unexpected way.


Long gone are the days of only white and wood tone kitchens. Navy and olive-green kitchens are cropping up more and more, and other colors of the rainbow are sure to follow.

Front Doors

Painting the outside of your front door is already pretty common but painting the inside of the door (the part in your home) is a great way to make a colorful statement in your entryway.


Your staircase is another unexpected place you can add color to your décor. By painting the risers, you can take a boring space to exceptional with little effort.

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