20 Home Gym Must-Haves


20 Home Gym Must-Haves. It always seems easy to find excuses not to go to the gym, but excuses become a little bit harder when you have a gym in your own home! Do you have a spare bedroom or some extra space in your garage? Turn it into a home gym! By collecting the right equipment, you can easily get a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home! Plus, over time, you can potentially see great cost savings by owning your own equipment rather than paying monthly gym dues.

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Doorway Pull-up Bar

A cheap way to turn any doorframe into a mini gym!


At least have one set of heavy, medium, and light dumbbells. You can always add more as you increase your strength.


A couple of kettlebells are good to have on hand for kettlebell swings, arm lifts, etc. Make sure they are heavy enough to challenge you.

Stability Ball

Great for a variety of exercises that engage your core muscles. A stability ball can be incorporated to add extra challenge to a variety of exercises such as crunches, pushups, seated should presses, and more.

Jump Rope

A compact way to include a cardio option in your gym.

Weight Gloves

Save your hands and make weight lifting more comfortable.

Power Rack

The basis for any good home gym. This allows you to safely do a variety of weight training moves such as bench presses and squats.

Incline/Decline Bench

Usually fits within the space of a power rack and allows for a variety of exercises.

Cable Machine

An essential for rows and lat pulldowns, you can often find space-saving wall-mounted options or weight stacks that mount within a power rack.

Olympic Barbell

Works with a power rack allowing for squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and more. 

Barbell Cushion

Maybe not 100% essential, but your neck will thank you when you’re doing squats!

Weight Plates

For use with your Olympic barbell. Start out with a few, then add to them as you increase your strength.

EZ Curl Bar

Essential for comfortable bicep curls and a variety of other exercises. 

Plate Organizer

You’ll need somewhere to store your barbell plates for easy and safe access.

Foam Roller

An essential for those day-after muscle aches.


A classic piece of equipment for indoor cardio. Go for a folding version to save space.

Plyometric Box

This can be used for cardio box jumps or as a stable bench for exercises such as bench dips, incline pushups, etc.

Speaker or Headphones

Music is essential to adding excitement and energy to any workout.

Resistance Bands

Versatile and compact, resistance bands are also easy to pack for traveling.

Yoga Mat

Not just for yoga, but also great for crunches, pushups, and more.

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