10 Beauty Products You Should Be Replacing More Often


When it comes to swapping out your old makeup products for new ones, think about your makeup bag like your refrigerator. Both food and makeup have expiration dates, and just because there isn’t mold growing on these 10 beauty products, it doesn’t mean they’re still safe for you to use!

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Mascara: Replace Every 2-3 Months

Because mascara is applied right next to your eyes, you need to be vigilant about replacing it every two to three months. Using it longer than that means you run the risk of infection. Every time you apply the mascara and expose it to the air, it collects germs and dirt, so as soon as you notice it clumping, flaking, or smelling, it’s time to toss it. 

Loofah: Replace Every Month

I know from personal experience that it’s so easy to forget to change out your loofah when you’re supposed to. Loofahs are very prone to mold growth, so you really do need to toss it out every month. If you notice your loofah starting to smell, you probably should have already replaced it. 

Lip Gloss and Lipstick: Replace Every 6 Months

Lip glosses and lipsticks are constantly being exposed to germs on your lips, so they need to be replaced every six months. I’ve been guilty of keeping mine around for a year or two, so I need to take this advice as well. Germs aside, the oil in lipstick starts to go bad after six months and will develop a funky odor, so you don’t want that anywhere near your face. 

Eye Shadow: Replace Every Year

Eye shadows seem to last forever, because if you are anything like me, you have a million of them that you rotate between. You really ought to be tossing them after a year. (It’s difficult, I know.) Like other eye makeup products, eye shadow has a high potential to become contaminated, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Eye infections are not worth it, trust me. 

Liquid Eyeliner: Replace Every 2-3 Months

Pencil eyeliner can last at least a year or two, but it’s another story with liquid liner. Liquid eyeliner is even more important to replace than mascara because sometimes you literally end up touching your eye with it. This product collects germs and bacteria every time you use it, so always be sure to replace it every two to three months without exception.

Concealer: Replace Every Year

You’ve probably never thought about how gross concealer is, but you are using it to cover up blemishes and pimples, which are incubators for bacteria. Gross. That makes me want to go throw out my concealer right now, even though I only bought it like a month ago. As with all the items on this list, it’s better to replace it too often than not enough.

Cream Blush: Replace Every Year

Powder blush can last for up to two years, but cream blush typically only has a shelf life of about a year. After that, it will likely become hard or chalky, so that’s a huge indication that you need to replace it. This isn’t one you have to worry about as much, though, because most women will find they usually use up all their blush within a year anyway.

Makeup Sponges: Replace Every 1-2 Weeks

I don’t really use makeup sponges because they’re not exactly budget-friendly and seem like a haven for bacteria, but if you do use them, take precautions. Replace your sponges at least once every two weeks.

Brushes: Replace as Needed

In addition to regularly replacing the products you actually put on your face, you also need to replace the tools you use to apply them. When it comes to brushes, you may not need to throw them out for several years if they’re high quality, but you do need to clean them at least one or two times a week. When you notice that your brushes stop working the same way or that they just seem permanently dirty, it’s time for them to go.

Sunscreen: Replace Every 3 Years

If you use sunscreen like you’re supposed to, you shouldn’t have to worry about your sunscreen expiring. But if you don’t use it all up and occasionally use the same bottle year after year, you need to take a close look at the expiration date. Most sunscreens stay good for about three years, but after that, they start to lose their effectiveness, which puts you at risk for sun damage. 

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