15 Must-Visit Coffee Shops for Caffeine Lovers


We all love coffee, but it can get boring drinking the same old cup of joe every morning. From hidden treasures to hipster hubs, here are 15 must-visit coffee shops for caffeine lovers! 

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El Biet: Brooklyn, NY

You may have had French press coffee, but have you had coffee brewed with a clover machine? You’ll find exactly that at this coffee shop, whose name means “home” in Arabic. It doesn’t hurt that they sell pastries made right there in the shop too. 

Espresso Vivace: Seattle, WA

If you’re a coffee lover, you have to drink some in the city known for coffee, Seattle. I recommend Espresso Vivace. It has a rich history in the city and three locations: a modern one, a sidewalk bar, and a more european-style one. 

Firestorm: Asheville, NC

This vegan coffee shop is the perfect place to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book. The bookstore is filled and their baristas are some of the most cooperative workers you’ll ever find.

Pablo’s Coffee: Denver, CO

If you’re looking for fresh-roasted beans, look no further: they are roasted in-house daily at Pablo’s. If you can, visit during their annual pancake brunch. It’s the perfect pairing! 

Press: Dayton, OH

Art and technology lovers alike will enjoy a cup of coffee at Press. Local artwork hangs on the walls, and there are plenty of outlets for all of your electronics. Plus, you’ll always have something new to taste, as their beans are changing constantly. 

Star Lounge: Chicago, IL

This once-small business is giving back by using other small business’ products in the store. It’s a must-visit simply to support the community, but their DarkMatter coffee is to die for as well. 

Intelligentsia Coffee: Multiple Locations

This chain is a little less small town, but it is unique for another reason. They are home to tons of barista champions, so you can be sure your cup of joe will be one of the best that you’ve ever had! 

Blue Bottle Coffee Company: Multiple Locations

This may be a bit of a chain store, but each location has something unique about it. You’ll find a Siphon Bar coffee machine in Chelsea and a Kyoto Dripper in Brooklyn. Make sure you check one of their locations out if you’re nearby!

Brooklyn Roasting Company: Brooklyn, NY

If you’re looking for the most green cup of coffee you’ve ever had, you’ll find it here! Their beans are sustainably grown and certified organic. In addition, all deliveries are done by bicycle or a biofuel burning van. 

Daylight Mind Coffee Compnay: Kona, HI

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make amazing coffee while enjoying your island paradise vacation? Well, now you can! Daylight Mind Coffee Company comes complete with coffee trees on the property too!

Panther Coffee: Miami, FL

Every coffee lover needs to experience a cup of joe brewed using a pre-WWII roaster. And at Panther Coffee, you can! It’s an experience like no other, and a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Coffee by Design: Portland, ME

Coffee by Design is all about giving back, and the best part is that the company lets you choose! You can benefit small business, a local charity, and many others when you chose your cup of coffee from their extensive menu. 

Buona Caffe: Augusta, GA

Local beans are great for supporting American businesses, but some of the best coffee comes from other places around the world. Enjoy a brew from beans originating from Rwanda, Papua New Guinea, and many more at Buona Caffe! 

Oddly Correct: Kansas City, MO

Oddly Correct is an artist’s paradise. Their coffee bags feature artwork done by the owner, and you can’t beat the delicious taste of coffee made with Kalita Wave drippers!

Heart Coffee: Portland, OR

This is the Benihana of coffee shops. Sit around the roaster in the center of this shop and get an up-close look at how your Scandanavian-influenced coffee is made. 

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