15 Overrated Vacation Destinations


Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s good. Case in point: these overrated vacation destinations. Millions may flock to an art gallery in France to crowd around a tiny painting of some random woman, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually worth your time. Skip these tired, predictable vacation spots and try some interesting alternatives instead! 

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Hollywood Walk of Fame

For about $30,000, an accepted nominee can have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in LA. If you have to pay $30,000 for the privilege, does that still make it an honor? Either way, the sidewalk is crowded with tourists trying to spot celebrities. Spoiler—celebrities don’t hang out here.

Key West

There’s no need to drive all the way down to Key West, Florida for a touristy train tour ride when you can have a luxurious upscale experience at a resort in a quiet village like Islamorada. Plus, if you grab a taxi ride to Miami, you might just share it with an iguana.

Las Vegas

This city is all glitz and no glamour. If you like constant lights, noise, and activity, Las Vegas is a dream. However, it doesn’t make for a relaxing vacation. You may just go home exhausted and with less money in the bank.

Disney World

There’s no denying that Disney creates great themed attractions, but you’ll spend most of your hard earned vacation time standing in line or trying to wind your way through a sea of strollers. You’ll also spend a lot of money for the privilege.

Mount Rushmore

This vast stone carving of presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln in Keystone, SD is an American cultural icon, but it looks smaller and less impressive from the viewing platform than you’d expect.

The Rocky Statue

If the statue were actually located at the top of those 72 famous stairs in Philadelphia, it might make us feel better about running up to it with that “Gonna’ Fly Now” song playing in our heads. 

Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood

The likenesses may be striking and Hollywood may offer a plethora of celebrity models, but wax figures range from eerie to downright creepy. Instead, get on a TMZ tour bus and go in search of the real people in their natural habitat.

Sixth Street

Known as the live music capital of the world, Sixth Street is in Austin, Texas—the 11th most populated city in the US. In spite of the city’s wide-reaching sprawl, the entertainment center is small and full of binge drinking college students. It doesn’t really sound like the best place to relax.

Times Square

If you ask practically any New York local how they feel about Times Square, the majority of responses are going to be overwhelmingly negative. Times Square is packed to the brim with tourists. This street is full of shops specifically designed to draw in tourists, these shops oftentimes also feature majorly jacked up prices to take advantage of tourists.

Statue of Liberty

It is a huge monument. You can see it from Battery Park. Don’t waste a full afternoon of your vacation to NYC to wait way too long, deal with too many annoying people, and pay way too much just to get a closer picture.

The Space Needle

If it’s a view of the city your after, just go to Kerry Park. Buying a ticket and having to stand in line for what feels like an eternity just to get a different view of the city just doesn’t seem like a good use of anyone’s time.

The Washington Monument

Unless you just really want to picture recreating the famous scene from Forest Gump or learn more about America’s first president, the 70-second-elevator ride to the top of this monument isn’t worth the ticket.

The Painted Ladies (The Sherbet Houses)

Because there aren’t any tours of The Painted Ladies, all you can really do is look at them. And, if that’s all you wanted to do, you could just watch the intro to Full House because they look exactly the same.

The Louvre

Trust us–the Mona Lisa looks WAY better on your computer screen than it does in person. The painting is much smaller than most people realize, which means you’ve got to push through the crowds that much more to even get a peek. The Louvre may house this and many other timeless works of art, but when you factor in the other thousands of people hoping to get a glimpse of greatness, it begins to look a little like a crowded mess. 

Cloud Gate (a.k.a. The Chicago Bean)

If you’ve got a thing for weird public art, by all means, head straight to the Chicago Bean after touching down at O’Hare. Otherwise, just do a quick Google image search and spend your time elsewhere in the Windy City. 

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