10 Movies You Should Avoid Before Traveling


There are many films out there that inspire you to leave your comfort zone and explore different parts of the world. These are not those movies. You may want to save these ten movies for after you get back from your vacation.

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10. ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’

This is a twistedly hilarious film that marked a transitional period for John Hughes into movies that centered around adults. However, it is a movie where anything that can go wrong does. Anyone who has had to deal with extended flight delays or issues with a car rental agency will be able to feel Steve Martin’s struggle.

9. ‘Castaway’

The moral of this movie seems to be “Even if you do survive a plane crash, you will find yourself stranded on a deserted island talking to a volleyball.” This portrait of a descent into madness might not be the best thing to watch the night before your flight to Fiji.

8. ‘Con Air’

You never know who is going to be seated on the airplane beside you. Sometimes it is a celebrity. Sometimes it is John Malkovich waving a gun. Let’s just hope that your life doesn’t rest in Nic Cage’s hands.

7. ‘An American Werewolf in London’

Going to a different country can be frightening, especially when your friend is murdered in front of your eyes and you soon find out that you turn into a wolf during a full moon. This movie might make you rethink that post-college backpacking trip across Europe.

6. ‘Airplane!’

While this is a spoof of famous disaster movies, it still makes you think about who you are trusting with your life when you step onto an airplane. For your sake, it had better be people with more sense than the crew of this plane.

5. ‘Taken’

Traveling without parents for the first time is exciting, especially when you find yourself in Paris. However, this tale of being abducted into a sex trafficking ring might not be the best choice before your holiday abroad.

4. ‘Into the Wild’

Sometimes you feel the need to leave everything behind in search of your identity. As this real-life story can tell you, sometimes it’s best to go about it in more of a metaphorical sense rather than selling all your belongings and hiking through the Alaskan wilderness. 

3. ‘Final Destination’

What starts out as a fun, field trip movie turns into a story about trying to escape fate. From the plane crash scene in the opening to the various unfortunate circumstances the characters find themselves in throughout the film, this is not going to make you go out and buy a plane ticket.

2. ‘Hostel’

Many of Eli Roth’s films seem to be made to scare teenagers into never leaving home. This is no exception as a group of friends quickly discover that some people take pleasure in watching them squirm.

1. ‘Snakes on a Plane’

Though it is told through over the top performances and gratuitous gore, Snakes on a Plane does make you think about the things that people try to smuggle on airplanes. Just a few years ago, a man actually did try to sneak several poisonous snakes on a flight. 

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