22 Easy Ways to Style Short Hair


It’s a misconception that having short hair means you don’t have much variety in styling your hairdo, but in reality, the possibilities are endless. There’s so much you can do to short hair with your hot tools, bobby pins, hair ties, and hair products if you’re feeling fancy.

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Textured Pixie

Rocking a pixie cut? You can add texturizing products, like a styling pomade, to give your ‘do some extra lift. A teasing comb is also handy to shape your cut.

Deep Side Part

Do you part your hair a certain way? Try parting it the other way for instant volume without using heat and styling products.

Beachy Waves

Beachy waves aren’t just for people with long hair. Use sea salt spray and a clipless curling iron to mimic beachy waves. You can also use your flat iron–just bend each section back and forth as you move down before going on to the next section of hair.


You can easily elevate your look by wearing accessories in your hair, such as a headband, hair clip, barrette, or bandana.


‘Frohawks are easier to recreate than they seem. Grab the lower section of hair from ear-to-ear by your neck and tie it into a ponytail. Move up a few inches and repeat until you’ve tied up all your hair.

Braided Fringe

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to master a braided fringe. Simply section off one side of your hair and twist away from your face to braid it. Secure with bobby pins, and you’re done!

Tuck and Pin

Bobby pins are a girl’s best friend when it comes to short hair. If you want a low-fuss style, tuck the front pieces of your hair back and pin them in place.

Half-Top Knot

If you like your hair down but out of your face, a half-top knot might be up your alley. Gather the front strands of hair from ear-to-ear and tie it at the crown of your head.


Need to liven up flat hair? Create a quick pompadour by grabbing and teasing the front strands of hair by your ears, then push it against your part to build your bump. Pin it in place, if needed.

Bantu Knots

A two-for-one hairstyle, Bantu knots protect your hair while looking stylish at the same time. Your knots will need to be smaller if your hair is shorter. After applying hair oil, separate each section with a hair tie. Do a two-strand twist and secure the twist in a knot with bobby pins.

Faux Bangs

Do you want bangs, but the commitment is a little much? You can create fake bangs by making a deep side part and sweeping your hair across your forehead. Secure this tuff of hair under another portion or use a headband.

Choppy Pixie with an Undercut

Pixies still offer options as long as you have products at your disposal. With a little hairspray or salt spray, you can get the choppy “I just rolled out of bed” look that has become incredibly trendy in the last few years.

Headband with Sheer Ribbon

This is a new trend that’s excited to see. This one uses a sheer ribbon with a headband for an upscale look that’s pretty effortless. You can also change the color of the fabric to match with your outfit. This is definitely something I can’t wait to try.

Twisted Back

Similar to the tuck and pin, this one takes two bits of hair, twists it slightly, and then pins it back. The hairpins will keep the style in place. If you need a little extra hold for your twist, don’t be afraid to tease and spray a little hairspray.

Curls Galore

If your hair is long enough, curl the ends! One of the easiest ways to do this is to get a perm so you can wake up with beautiful hair. Whether you do this or classic curlers, make sure to use ones with a smaller circumference.

Teased Out

Volume like this doesn’t usually come naturally. This kind of look requires a bit of teasing in the right places. Lift your hair and give your hair a little teasing at the crown and on the sides. You can also curl a bit of your hair to give it a little poof.

Side Swoop

Side swoops are pretty easy. Curl your hair using a larger barrel and then brush it out a little. You can go big or small. You can add a little flair by doing a deep side part. Don’t forget to seal in the whole thing with a bit of hairspray.

Center Braid

This style is a little more intermediate, but it’s worth practicing. It’s basically a French braid that starts at the top of your scalp and moves backward. This style can also be a great way to grow out a pixie—the worst part of getting a pixie.

Sleek and Straight

Sleek and straight can look really great if you have a lot of hair. This way of doing your hair has always been “in,” and it’s easily one of the classiest ways you can style your ‘do. Just use a straightener to get the locks you’ve dreamed about.

Pushed Back

Growing out bangs can be a pain when you have shorter hair, but the pushed back style is here to save you. This style is incredibly easy. Use a little gel or mousse to force your hair back sort of like you were putting your hair up in a ponytail.

Finger Waves

Finger waves are an older Hollywood hairstyle that’s stuck around since the black and white film days. This style is a little more intermediate, so it may be necessary for some to look up tutorials. Just make sure you have enough hairspray or gel to keep the style in place!

Old Hollywood Waves

Some hairstyles transcend time, and these waves do just that. It’s a classic style that’s been on the red carpet for years and years.  I love these waves if you’re heading out somewhere special, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it day to day!

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