25 Date Ideas That Reveal True Compatibility


Going on a date soon? Well, there are a variety of options. You could go with the same old, same old dinner and a movie idea. It’s a good date, but it’s incredibly common. Plus, there’s one glaring issue: you can’t really learn much about your date that way. You can figure out what kind of movies they like, but what about their hobbies or skills? Unless you specifically ask, these things will remain a mystery – not something you want on a date.

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Escape Room

What better way to bring out someone’s true personality than to put them in a high-stress situation? Locking yourselves in an escape room will test your compatibility, and you’ll get a firsthand look at how this person acts under pressure. However, keep in mind that an escape room scenario is not identical to a real-life high-stress situation, so maybe take what you see with a grain of salt.  And make sure you don’t get stuck in there! 


Forget the flowers and chocolates; Shoot some paintballs at each other! This is a great way to see if this person embraces their inner child, and if you aren’t the romantic type, you’ll have way more fun on this kind of date. 

Cooking Class

No matter the skill level, taking a cooking class is a fun way to see if you have a natural connection with someone. If you work well together, cooking could end up being a fun hobby! Not to mention, you’ll probably find that things can get a bit steamy in the kitchen…

Scavenger Hunt

You want your partner to have critical thinking skills, but how do you figure that out on a date? A scavenger hunt! Employ a friend to create one for you or find one online, then grab your date and get to work!

Trivia Night

Who doesn’t love a couple beers and a lighthearted game of trivia? You can get a feel for what this person is interested in/knowledgeable about and determine if their interests match your own. You can even make this a group date and see if this person gets along with your friends. 

Dance Class

Going to a club and grinding on each other probably isn’t a good way to connect, but attending a salsa class together could make sparks fly! You have your arms around each other, and you’re moving in synchronization. How could you possibly not fall in love? 

Truth or Dare

This one’s pretty out there and a little old school, so it’s a good sign if your date agrees with it. Ask each other questions about your deepest fears and dare each other to do silly things. It’s a relaxed way to really get to know a person without being awkward. And if it gets awkward? Do a shot!

Palm Reading

Palm reading probably isn’t at the top of your list of fun date ideas, but this really can be a blast. If your date doesn’t believe in psychic stuff, suggesting this kind of date will let you know if they’re open to trying new things. Who knows, maybe the palm reader will say that you’re soulmates! 

5K Fun Run

If you’re happiest when you’re on the move and you know your date is into physical fitness too, why not run a 5K together? Having a partner will make the run significantly more fun, and while you’re running, you’ll have ample time to talk about anything that crosses your mind. 


If you want to see peoples’ true personalities, put them in front of a video game and see how they react when they lose. There’s no time to compose a reaction, so you will get to see how your date handles disappointment. 

Tarot Cards

This could be an extension of having your palms read or a date all its own. Even if you don’t believe in the cards, it will reveal how trusting and humorous your partner is. 


Physically exhausting outdoor activities reveal everyone’s inner frustration. It’s good to know how your partner handles physical exhaustion before advancing to marriage and kids. 

Board Game Night

It’s always good to know if your partner is super competitive, a sore loser, a sore winner, or just a good sport. This will help you decide if your personalities are compatible, a good balance, or at odds. 


Bugs, lack of toilets, heat, and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements will bring out your partner’s true character. If you can make it through a weekend camping and/or a day hiking without killing each other, there may just be hope for you. 

Painting Class

Painting classes, like Painting with a Twist, can reveal a few things about people. If your partner follows the directions exactly, they may be a bit too extreme. If your partner completely ignores the instructions, he may be arrogant or just silly. 

Write Love Letters

This is a great step for couples who have been serious for a while but are having hesitations about moving forward. Set a page minimum and write out everything you feel for the other person while in separate rooms. Exchange the letters to see if your partner loves you as deeply as you love him. 

Weekend Getaway

If you’re able and willing, a weekend trip is a great way to bond with a partner. If you don’t live together, this will likely be the first test of your compatiblity as roommates. 

Sporting Events

If your other half is really into a specific team, get tickets to one of their games. You’ll get to see his rougher side and decide if you can handle it in the long run. 

Debate a Random Topic

Warning: pick a topic that neither of you is particularly passionate about. Otherwise, your friendly debate may end in a blood bath. This date will reveal how passionate, serious, competitive, or angry your partner can be. 

Have a Museum Day

Spending the day going to museums is a great way to figure out what each of you is most interested in and if those interests are compatible. Take turns choosing, and you’re sure to discover how you and your date align. 

Tech-Free Night

Today, we all rely on our phones to keep us out of awkward situations. This can make it hard to gauge how much fun you’re really having. Agree to leave your phones in the car or at home and simply enjoy each other’s company. It will either be amazing or terrible, but at least you’ll know. 

Movie Marathon

This idea can be done in a similar fashion as the museum day. Switch off picking your favorite movies. You’ll find out what peaks your date’s interest, as well as if you actually like something you didn’t think you would. 

Gun Range

I only recommend this date if at least one of you is proficient with a weapon, otherwise it could end in utter disaster. This date can reveal if your partner is the helpful, encouraging type or the critical, frustrating type. 

500 Piece Puzzle

Larger puzzles will work for this date, too. Puzzles require communication and agreement, so be prepared to put your compatibility to the ultimate test. 

Clean Each Other’s Apartments

This date requires an established relationship with some level of trust, but it can be a great way to decide if moving in together is the right choice. You can clean together or separately, but it’s best if you hold any criticism until after the cleaning is complete. 

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