How to Wear Summer Fashion Trends After 40


How to Wear Summer Fashion Trends After 40. Keeping up with fashion is too dang hard. It changes constantly and can feel nearly impossible to follow, especially if we’re not linked to it through a friend or someone in the industry. Heck, keeping up with what’s in and what’s out is actually some people’s full-time job! How do they expect anyone else to keep up?

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Black and White Duo

Simplistic color schemes are so in right now. This is also a double-hitter because booties are one of the best shoes you can wear. All you need for this outfit is a simple sweater, black skirt, black handbag, and black booties. If you want to add a bit of color, make sure to match your shoes and handbag. The benefit of a black and white outfit is that it looks both stylish and classy.

Cargo-a Go-Go

Cargo jeans were out for the longest time, but they’re making a comeback. Not only are they incredibly convenient (hello, pockets?!), they’re also super comfy. Skinny cargo jeans are the best way to wear this style. You can pair it with a simple shirt – either solid or patterned. In this look, a striped shirt is ideal. Julianne Moore pairs this with a brown paper bag, but that’s totally optional.

Casual Jeans

Just because you’re wearing jeans doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up a little. Feeling comfortable in jeans while looking put together is a trend we’re on board with. Octavia Spencer wears this look with flair with a uniquely designed top. You can go solid or find a top with a design. It acts as a statement piece that draws the eyes. Pair it with a blazer, that way you can take it off when you leave a building that thinks it needs to be winter inside while it’s summer outside.

On the Run

During the warmer months, white sneakers are totally in. Pairing that with boyfriend jeans, and you have a winning pair! Sandra Bullock shows us how to look comfortable when you’re running chores. When you have things to do, you don’t need to wear high heels – not that you ever really have to wear them anyway! We’re all about these white sneakers because they’re great on the feet and make life easier.

Floral Paradise

When you want to dress up, a nice floral dress and wedges are perfect. Wedges are ideal because they provide much more stability than heels do. This is due to the fact that you aren’t putting your weight on one little point that’s about the size of a dime (or smaller!). We’ve found a nice floral dress and a lower wedge so you can still get things done while going about your day.

Chic Townie

These skinny jeans have a bit of a business casual look thanks to Cox’s button-up blouse. You can get the same look extremely easily. Just grab your favorite black bag, black wedges, skinny jeans, and button-down shirt. If it’s super hot outside, you can wear a lighter color like grey, white, or even green!

Summer Ready

Sandra Bullock back at it again! This time, she looks like she wants to head to the beach, and who can blame her? The summer is the perfect time for the beach. We couldn’t find the same top on Amazon, but that’s alright! Any navy-blue top with a white design will work – we just love the polka dots. Grab your favorite pair of white skinny jeans, and you got it going. Whether they’re distressed or not is completely up to you.

Fun in the Sun

Reese Witherspoon always knows how to look beautiful. If you don’t have enough money for her line, you can find something similar elsewhere for less. Here, we’ve paired a rockabilly polka dot skirt with a vanilla sweater. Then you can wear yellow heels and a similar-shade bag, and voila! Looking fine. You never have to wear the same exact thing as any celeb, but they’re great to look at for ideas – especially since they have their own highly-paid stylists. It’s all the benefits without the money.

Cool and Breezy

Kirstie Alley knows how to stay cool when the weather is warm. This boho-inspired dress keeps you cool while making you look stylish. While she’s wearing a rather tall heel or wedge, our suggestion is a shorter sandal. It’d make it a lot easier to run around and go shopping. Then, throw on a chunky belt to give the dress some shape. Always give your outfits shape so it gives the illusion of a tailored outfit.

Simplicity Perfected

Simple outfits can look stylish as long as you use the right accessories. With a plain black dress, you can don a straw hat, matching shoes, and a black bag. You can also go with a pop of color and use a statement handbag. The lack of color in the outfit allows you to do whatever you want with few constraints!

Out and About

We may not all look like Charlize Theron, but that doesn’t mean we can’t borrow ideas. In this outfit, she threw on a cream beanie. That allows you not to worry about your hair while having a bit of flair. Distressed jeans look fantastic with this look, but our favorite part are the shoes! Oxfords. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them, and it’s time we see them everywhere.

Sunday Fun Day

For just a casual walk on a Sunday (or whatever day you want), this is the perfect outfit. It has a couple of trends that are hot right now including white skinny jeans and a statement bag. Like any other outfit, you can wear distressed jeans or not, but it adds a bit of detail that would otherwise be missing. The statement bag doesn’t always have to be floral or red – it can be nearly anything you want. Just make sure that it doesn’t clash with any other colors.

Boho Casual

If you like the boho look, but aren’t a huge fan of head-to-toe boho, here is a great compromise. Julia Roberts is wearing a floral top with straight leg jeans and wedges. For the boho portion, she’s wearing a bag that acts as a statement piece. It’s an outfit that can be worn while you’re just going to the store or going out with friends and want to look a little dressed up without going over the top.

Crisp and Clean

Octavia Spencer has style, and no one can say otherwise. In this outfit, she’s wearing white skinny jeans and a chiffon navy top. To top it off, she has minimalistic jewelry – a trend that’s becoming more popular by the day. Sandals are best for this outfit. While you can go minimalistic, you can also wear sandals with a few rhinestones or metal embellishments.

Warm Afternoon

Whether you’re going to church or planning on getting some tasks done, this is the perfect outfit. The low, chunky heel is high enough to enhance your look, but comfortable enough to walk plenty without pain. With the white, breezy skirt, a black top looks fantastic. Don’t forget your accessories! That’s what makes the outfit. Something simple, but nice – bangles and a necklace with a single charm. Finally, grab a simple black bag, and you’re ready to go.

Living Floral in Blue

Reese Witherspoon knows how to work it during the summer. She’s wearing a wedge with a floral navy skirt and a knotted shirt—something that’s very in right now. Quick hack: if you have a dress that you love, you can always throw a top on over it and knot it like Reese without having to buy a new skirt!

Black and White Simplicity

Who says you need a lot of color to look fashionable? Leslie Mann knows how to wear black and white. She paired it with a bold red lip, which really just puts the cherry on top of this outfit. Personally, we would wear lower shoes, but that’s totally up to the fashionista. 

Cooling Errand Run

Errands kind of suck, let’s be honest. Jennifer Connelly is running errands in this navy outfit. Navy works a lot better than black because it has a tendency to brightening up the skin and make you look more refreshed. 

Simple Yet Elegant

You don’t have to throw on a million things to look fashionable during the summer. Honestly, simplicity is perfect during the hotter months of the year. Minnie Driver threw on a white dress, a sun hat, and some wedges, and that’s all she needs! You can mimic this look with nearly any white dress. 

Sunny Days

When it’s sunny, you want to soak up the sun! Marisa Tomei paired a grey shirt with blue jean shorts, but she needed a little something else. So, she threw on a yellow cardigan, which goes so well with her grey tank. Then, her necklace really just brought the chicness up a level. 

Orange and Loving It

Bright, bold colors are really in right now. Christie Brinkley wore this bright orange dress and paired it with neutral colors. Colors like this generally go well with browns, blacks, and whites. You want the dress to be the focal point, and you definitely don’t want to give someone a headache with too many colors at once. 

Comfortable and Chic

Since it’s already hot outside, we want to be comfortable during the summer. That being said, we also want to look feminine and chic. Heather Locklear does this by combining a soft, white tunic with a pair of blue jeans and wedges. From there, you can add a necklace or just leave it sans jewelry. 

Soaking Up the Sun

It’s time to soak up the sun! Jennifer Aniston stays sun-kissed by wearing a tank top and gray-olive shorts. She carries a scarf, but that’s totally up to you whether you want to lug it around all summer.  We prefer to carry a purse or nothing at all. 

No Fuss Here

Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you can’t wear a nice button down. Halle Berry dresses a button-up down with some distressed jeans and flip-flops. With this outfit, a nice bag really makes a difference. It adds a little something extra. 

Beat the Heat

White dresses are perfect during the summer because they’re bright, refreshing, and even cooling! Eva Longoria paired her button-up dress with a chunky brown belt and white sandals. With something like this, you can dress it up by adding some nice jewelry and a bag, or you could leave it casual without any of that. 

Low Maintenance but Stunning

The last thing you want to do during the summer is fuss over your outfit. This outfit worn by Jennifer Connelly shows how you can dress low maintenance without sacrificing style. T-shirt, jeans, flats, and a few nice necklaces do the trick. 

Chiffon Heaven

Emmy Rossum balances simple yet delicately beautiful. In this outfit, she’s wearing a maxi chiffon skirt. It moves with her, keeping things breezy during the hotter months. Then, she wears a sleeveless blouse that’s tucked into the skirt. It looks like she paired this outfit with a pair of heels, but we’d suggest flats. 

Leopard Print for the Summer

Animal print is so in right now, which is why Cameron Diaz’s outfit is perfect for this summer. She paired it with a pair of white jeans, cream sandals, and a cream bag. The cream breaks up the white and makes the outfit flow with the neutral shades in the leopard print. 

Living Coral and Beautiful

Living Coral was the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, so the shade will stick around for a few years. The only thing is that it can be a little difficult to wear since it’s so in-your-face. Catherine Zeta-Jones, fashion icon, doesn’t wear too much when she dons the shade. That’s fantastic advice for anyone that wants to wear Living Coral—simple is best.

Getting It Done

Long day ahead? You want to wear something that moves with you. Halle Berry has just hte outfit for that! This outfit features a knotted shirt, something that’s very in, with a sun hat and blue jean shorts. Then, a good pair of comfortable shoes, and you’re made in the shade. 

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