10 Things Everyone Would Do Differently if They Went Back to School


If you could go back in time and relive your school years, what would you have done differently? They say hindsight is 20/20, so here are 10 things that nearly everyone wishes they could go back and do over.

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Actually Go to Class

Because you would find that simply going to class and paying attention while the teacher is lecturing helps you pass the tests just as much as reading the textbook and studying does. It’s amazing what your brain retains by listening to someone who knows what they’re talking about, isn’t it?  

Get More Involved

Mentors and professors likely told you to join lots of clubs, but did you? Nah. Because sleeping and ordering pizza to your dorm was way easier. However, joining clubs gives you tons of content to put on your resume and helps you make friends who have the same or similar interests as you.  

Enjoy Being Single

If all of your friends were in relationships, you likely spent at least half your time trying to find love as well. But if you could do it over again, you would realize that being single while in school is the best! You can learn about yourself, spend all your money on pampering yourself, and hang out with the people you want to hang out with because there’s plenty of time for relationships later.  

Not Hole Up in Your Dorm Room

Colleges make dorm rooms cramped and uncomfortable for a reason: they don’t expect you to be spending much time in there (and they’re cheap to build). Some people still did spend most of their waking hours watching Netflix in bed, but they undoubtedly wish they had spent that time playing ultimate frisbee instead.  

Study More

Many people don’t care about their grades in college, but soon realize that their GPA kind of matters when they start applying for jobs. So, instead of going into college with the mindset of “C’s get degrees,” you probably would have spent more nights studying and less nights binge-watching How I Met Your Mother.  

Be Yourself

Too many people try to “fit in” with those around them, and as a result, they never really figure out who they are! School is the time to be yourself, regardless of what people think of you. Because in reality, people aren’t going to spend that much time thinking about you, so you should spend even less time worrying about it.  

Surround Yourself With Real Friends

You may have hung out with a certain group of friends you didn’t really care for because you were afraid of being alone or because you wanted to be popular, but were those people really your friends? Probably not. In hindsight, you should’ve spent time making a couple of real, reliable friends that you would have held onto for many years.  

Form Relationships With Your Teachers

Many students avoided going to their teacher’s office hours because they thought it was going to be weird and awkward, but it’s actually not that bad. Teachers generally like talking to their students, so you really could have found yourself a mentor and the perfect reference for jobs or grad school.  

Not Pull So Many All-Nighters

Finals week probably always resulted in at least one or two all-nighters, and even though you felt as though you studied really hard for your exams, the results may or may not have reflected that. Studying in advance and giving your brain some time to rest and absorb the information is a much better study plan.  

Appreciate Your Parents

While you were in school, your parents still probably helped you out at least a little bit, but while you were busy making friends and gorging yourself on junk food, you probably forgot to thank your parents for all they did for you. It’s still not too late to thank them now, but they would have greatly appreciated even a weekly phone call while you were in school!

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