15 Ways to Sneak in Exercise Every Day


Life is busy. You wake up, rush off to work, hurry to pick up the kids, chauffeur them around to all their different practices, recitals, and sleep-overs, try to cram in dinner, and then collapse in bed. On those rare occasions where you can be bored, you relish it. You never have time to sit and just do nothing. Sadly, all this also means that it’s very difficult for you to work in time to exercise, and your tummy is starting to show that! Maybe you really don’t have time, enjoy that extra hour of sleep, or are just too tired to get it in, you need to find a way to at least start getting healthy.

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Roll Out of Bed

Every day, roll out of bed and do an exercise. Whether you’ve got to do 50 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, or a minute of planking, exercising right out of bed will keep you from hitting the snooze, wake you up right away, and start your day out right. Just make sure you’re consistent!

Park Far, Far Away

Anytime you’re out and about, park further out than you need to. Whether you’re a block away from the office or at the back corner of Walmart, parking further will make you walk further. Sure, it may just be another minute, but you’ve got to walk back, so that’s two. You do that just once a day, and that’s an extra ten minutes of walking every week!

Take the Stairs

If you ever have the chance to use the stairs, take it. You only have to walk them once to feel the burn and get out of breath. Use them at the office, in the parking garage, and even to go to the bathroom in your home. As you adjust to them, make them harder. Take them two at a time or as fast as you can. See how you can make getting where you need to go better for your body.

Replace Your Chair

When you sit down for hours at a time, it kills your core. Your midsection grows weaker, less stable, and more prone to injury. To help fix this, replace your regular chair with a stability ball. This will activate the muscles in your core, helping to strengthen your hips, back, and abs just by sitting!

Take Active Work Breaks

Use your breaks at work wisely. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, see if you can’t incorporate some form of exercise at work. Go for a walk outside or see if you can’t find a secluded corner to get some pushups, sit-ups, or planks in.

Flex Your Abs

Not in the mirror! Well, not yet. Flex your abs while you’re standing around or sitting in a meeting. This will help to tone them and increase your stability. Try holding for 3 – 10 seconds at a time, repeating the hold at least 4 times.

Bike Where You Can

It’s time to bust out that old bike of yours. If google maps says it’s within fifteen minutes of you on a bike, then pump up your tires and hit the road! Make a habit of biking wherever you can. You’ll legs will look great and your lungs will love you.

Get to Know the Neighborhood

If you have someplace you need to go that’s within a mile of where you are, walk. It will take about 20 minutes if you go at a leisurely pace, but if you walk a mile out and back every day, you’re already passing the recommended activity requirement for a healthy lifestyle. If you bump up the speed, you’ll not only get there quicker but burn fat in a very effective way!

Keep Your Exercise Equipment by the TV

Instead of binge watching Friends for hours and then feeling like you’re extremely lazy, work in exercise. Maybe you do some sit ups or crunches every time there’s a commercial break. Maybe you use the stationary bike during the first episode. Whatever you decide to do, try to incorporate activity every time you turn on the TV.

Play with Your Kids

Your kids are always asking you to play with them, but when was the last time you said something other than, “not now”? Next time they ask, drop what you’re doing and go chase them. Or, better yet, chase them without having to be asked! Just get moving and wear everybody out! You’ll all sleep better tonight.


Stretching plays a huge role in making sure your muscles are strong and healthy enough to function well. Sadly, we can barely find time to exercise, much less stretch. Try to work it into your schedule, even if that just means a 20-second toe-touch when you’re tying your shoes. You’d be surprised by what it can do for you!

Get a Jogging Stroller

Jogging Strollers are great because you get to get your exercise in while spending some time with your child. Well, maybe it’d be nice to have some time away from your child, but hey, getting some workout time in is great too!

Walking Meetings

See if your boss isn’t down to host walking meetings. Get out and get that blood flowing. You’ll have better ideas and a more cohesive, healthy team. What’s not to love?

Stand When You Can

Standing is significantly better for you than sitting, so stand when you can. If you can stand at work, do it. You’ll think better. If you leave your chairs at home, you’ll enjoy your child’s soccer game more. You’d probably even be more engaged! They’d love it, and so would your body.

Sit Up Straight

It may not sound like much, but good posture goes a long way. Think about it. You slouch at your desk, in your car, and on your couch because not slouching takes work. Sitting up straight is fine for about 30 seconds, but then you feel it in your back. If you keep this up, your core will get stronger, you’ll stand a bit taller, and you’ll be more confident.

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