10 Tinder Profile Mistakes That Make Women Swipe Left Every Time


Tinder’s fast-paced swiping gives you a tiny window in which to impress the ladies. You’d be surprised at how many things you can do wrong in such a small space. Here are 10 profile mistakes that won’t get you dates!

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1. Every Picture Is a Group Shot

If you are standing with 12 other people dressed like you, it’s going to be very difficult to tell what you look like on a tiny screen. Remember, you are trying to paint a picture of yourself, not of your last fraternity gathering. A good rule of thumb is to include a recognizable picture of your face somewhere on your dating profile.

2. “If You’re X, Keep Swiping!”

There is nothing wrong with knowing what you are looking for in a prospective partner. However, you shouldn’t start a possible relationship with a list of demands. Far too many profiles include “You must be x pounds” or “If you’re taller than x, keep swiping.” Maybe you should open on a more positive note.

3. No Effort Put Into the Bio

Guys, you’ve got to give women something to use as a conversation starter. I know that you can’t sum up your entire life in a single text box, but you could at least include some of your hobbies. If your bio simply says “Hi,” you are setting yourself up for failure.

4. Spelling/Grammatical Errors

R u serious? When you type like that, most self-respecting, educated women are going to immediately be turned away. How about you take some of the energy you used to craft the perfect picture and put your bio through spellcheck before posting it?

5. Generic Slogans

You are only allotted a short space to talk about yourself, so why guys insist on wasting theirs with phony inspirational “wisdom” is beyond me. Writing “Live life to the fullest” doesn’t make you sound deep; it makes you come off as empty and vapid. You are a person, not a motivational poster. 

6. Tongue Out In Every Picture

I get it. You came here to party. And from the looks of things, you party quite often. That’s all great, but you might want to consider including one or two pictures where your tongue is in your mouth. 

7. Holding a Baby

If you have a picture of yourself holding a baby, people will assume it’s yours. If it is, that’s fine, but you should keep in mind that most girls looking for late night hookups on Tinder aren’t exactly ready for motherhood. You might want to save that cute picture of your nephew for a later time.

8. Only Selfies

Even if you’re very proud of your bathroom counter, limit the amount of selfies on your profile. They are used too often and create the impression that you don’t have friends around to take your picture. You will also come across as self-absorbed. That’s not good.

9. R.I.P In the Tagline

I’m very sorry that your brother was killed in Afghanistan, but your online dating profile is not the right vehicle to mourn his loss. I’m not really sure what you are hoping to gain from adding “R.I.P. Brandon 12/11/2012” to your Tinder profile. Are you fishing for sympathy points?

10. Childhood Photos

Despite what you seem to think, no one downloads Tinder to date a three-year-old. What kind of woman are you hoping to attract with a picture of yourself in a diaper? I promise you, she is not a person you are going to want around. 

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