10 Jobs That Only Make Sense in the South


Every region of the United States is a little weird compared to any other region. For example, the west thinks that the north can be pretty strange. For anyone that’s traveled around the United States, you can see the change in culture as you go from state to state. It’s no surprise that the southern region of the United States also has a culture of its own. Anyone who visits a southern state can be a little surprised by how different things can be.

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Mosquito Truck Driver

It isn’t just the heat and humidity that make Southern summers so brutal. Mosquitoes are a huge problem, and they breed faster than you can imagine. Mosquito trucks drive through and spray poison to kill the nasty insects. We like to tell ourselves that the spray is safe for people to breathe. 

Dog Surfing Instructor

The next time you’re afraid to give surfing a chance, just remember that even dogs are able to do it. In some parts of Florida, there are actually annual dog surfing competitions. Someone has to teach those canines how to ride the waves, often in group classes.  

Candy Bar Fryer

Southerners aren’t known for being health conscientious. In fact, they will deep-fry just about anything. There are many places that will throw candy bars and snack cakes into the fryer, ensuring that the dish is as unhealthy as it is delicious. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. 

Airboat Operator

The best way to move through the swampland is on an airboat. In states like Florida and Louisiana, you can tour the area by gliding over the muck. Few things that are as loud as an airboat, but they can really be a thrill to ride. Plus, you get to see a side of the country unlike any other. 

Coon Dog Trainer

Southerners take hunting very seriously, but people aren’t nearly as effective when they hunt alone. They need a coon dog to track down animals and let the hunter know where to look. If you were to even mention the phrase “coon dog” to a Northerner, they would probably look at you sideways. 


People in Florida are their own brand of weird. In places like Weeki Wachee Springs, there are live mermaid shows underwater. Guests watch the performance from the safety of the restaurant, but the mermaids must put on their act while holding their breath for an extended period of time.  

Banjo Player

Huge strands of American folk music and country tunes were born out of the South. The twang of these songs still resonates throughout the area. While there are many instruments involved, one of the ones most unique to this style of music is the banjo. You don’t meet too many non-ironic banjo players in other parts of the country. 

Waffle House Waitress

I’m not sure where Yankees get their breakfast fix at three in the morning, but Southerners head over to the nearest Waffle House. The restaurant chain never closes (not even in the middle of the night on Christmas), so any of the wait staff is able to meet an interesting cast of characters. 

Snake Milker

No, not that kind of milk. It is the job of snake milkers to extract deadly venom from poisonous snakes so that it can be studied and used to make an antidote for those who have been bitten. If you live in the South, you probably even know several people who handle venomous snakes for free. 

Alligator Wrestler

Finding a wild alligator outside of a natural preserve isn’t a regular occurrence, but it does happen. Alligator wrestlers exist to trap the beasts and move them into a protected habitat. In some cases, these brave men and women put on a performance in which they rangle angry gators.

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