20 Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles Right Now


Need a trendy new hairstyle to update your look? Great news, gentlemen, there are more hairstyle options for men than ever before. The most notable trend right now is longer hair on top with some added texture and then shorter on the sides. But many of the classics such as crew cuts and comb-overs are also very popular this year. 

From sharp crew cuts to cool quiffs, there are endless options of new styles. It’s time to spice up your look with one of these fresh cuts and you will be sure to look and feel better. 

A good-looking hairstyle can seriously change everything, but trying to keep up with the latest men’s hair trends can be exhausting. That’s why we’ve done the hard part for you. To help you find the right hairstyle, we’ve put together the 20 most popular men’s hairstyles. 

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Crew Cut

This all-American look is one of the most popular and timeless haircuts for men. Crew cuts can be worn with your natural hair’s texture, or you can choose to style it. 

It’s seriously hard to go wrong with a classic crew cut.


The undercut is one of the top trends for men’s hair this year. An undercut is especially great for men with thick hair because it reduces volume on the sides of the head. 

. Pair your undercut with a modern pompadour for a super stylish look. 

Mid Fade

A mid fade is the perfect balance between business-appropriate and fashion-forward. This stylish cut is a top choice for men this year. 

Thanks to its neat, gently faded sides, this cut proves to be sharp and polished.

Side Part

The Side Part is ideal for those who don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into their look. It’s a casual look that works well for men who have medium-length hair. 

You really can’t go wrong with a side part. The look is 100% timeless. 

Buzz Cut

There are so many advantages to a good buzz cut. It’s clean and fuss-free as well as always looking neat and sharp. This cut will save you valuable time during your morning routine. 

You will need to schedule regular trims to keep your cut looking sharp and sophisticated with a buzz cut.

Hard Part

Hard parts are one of the top trends this year for men. They give off a retro sense of style with a modern twist. The sleek, sharp line adds contrast and coolness to just about any man’s cut. 

When done right, this style can add some major character to your style.


The pompadour has been around for decades, but it’s especially trendy this year. The pompadour gives off a bold impression. 

The hairstyle wears well both at work and out on the town. It spunky, yet still professional.

French Crop

The French Crop has gained popularity in 2020. The crop is a cut that seriously works for any and all hair types. 

The cut highlights texture and fullness for those with wavy or thick hair. 

Comb Over

The comb-over has been a popular hairstyle over the years and this year is no different. The sophisticated style is an ideal business look that proves to be professional yet trendy. To give this classic cut a more modern look, make sure to keep plenty of texture and volume on top. 

Consider adding a fade to the sides to give this classic style a modern update.

Faux Hawk

Not just anyone can rock a faux hawk, right? Wrong. The secret to a good faux hawk is lots of texture and length that goes from short to long in the front.

A faux hawk is supposed to be sort of messy, so don’t worry about getting it perfect.

Messy Wave

Texture plays a vital role when it comes to men’s hairstyles. Smooth, flat hairstyles are not for everyone. 

You can rock a messy wave cut and keep it business-appropriate by keeping the sides short and neat. This look is certainly going to draw some attention!

Top Knot

Man buns may be a thing of the past, but top knots are so 2020. Top knots can appear to be neat and tight for a sharp appearance or they can be left messy for a more relaxed, casual look. No matter which version of the top knot you choose, the most important element is the bun’s placement. To nail the look, the bun should sit at the crown of your head or slightly higher.


The quiff has certainly become one of the most popular men’s hairstyles this year. The quiff is basically a less showy version of the pompadour, and seriously looks good on anyone. 

It’s a tapered cut with plenty of length and texture on top. This hairstyle grabs attention in a good way. 

Short Curls

If you have curly hair, going with a short hairstyle has lots of advantages. Sometimes curls can appear to be a little messy when left long, but they can look sharp and sophisticated when cut short.

While men with straight hair struggle with grooming products to add more texture, your curls give you volume and texture naturally. 

Long, Loose Waves

Have long hair? Don’t worry, there are some hairstyles for you too. 

Long, loose curls are incredibly low maintenance. This natural look is fashionable in a relaxed, rugged way. 


Dreadlocks make you instantly appear to be awesome. You should definitely consider this classic look if have long, thick hair. 

Make sure you are ready to commit to this hairstyle though because dreads require quite a bit of maintenance.

High Fade

High fade hairstyles are all the rage this year. This sharp, short cut proves help you look and feel cool. 

A close shave along the sides and back of the head, and then you can decide how to style the top. 

Undercut + Long Fringe

Want a cooler version of the undercut? Add some long fringe to it. 

Hairstyles with longer lengths in the front are growing more popular. They are a modern approach to the classic “skater look.”

Slicked Back + Side Part

Don’t want to commit to a super short cut, but need something fresh and low maintenance? Then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. 

You can achieve the slicked back look with minimal effort – throw some product in your hair, give it a comb, and boom you’re finished. The side part keeps the style looking polished and sophisticated. 

Brushed Back

While the side part has gotten a lot of attention over the last few years, the classic brushed back look is still very popular. 

To get this look, you want a layered cut on top with some length in the front. Use a little gel to keep the hair in place.

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