15 Celebrities Who Survived Near-Death Experiences

Near-death experiences don’t happen that often, but they’ve happened to a surprising amount of celebrities. Here are 15 of those celebrities and the times that they saw the light, but thankfully managed to walk away. 1. George Clooney Syriana is a film about the tense Middle Eastern oil industry that won an Oscar for Best SupportingContinue reading “15 Celebrities Who Survived Near-Death Experiences”

30 Couples Share Their Secret to a Long-Lasting Marriage

Nearly every young couple wants to know the “secret” to a long-lasting marriage. They want to ensure that their love lasts forever, something that’s totally understandable. While some people may tell you that it just takes work, it turns out that there are a few little secrets to a long and happy relationship. The LittleContinue reading “30 Couples Share Their Secret to a Long-Lasting Marriage”

Best Cities for a Solo Traveler

From incredibly welcoming locals to high reputations for personal safety, these global cities have the perfect ingredients for an empowering solo trip. Be ambitious. Be self-indulgent. Most importantly, be an explorer in these companionless capitals by striking out on your own and experience travel through no one else’s filter but your own! 10. Vienna Austria AsContinue reading “Best Cities for a Solo Traveler”

10 Times Eating Out Is Cheaper Than Cooking

A couple of years ago, an informal study came out about how groceries had gotten so out of hand that eating out was cheaper than cooking. Granted, the first person to test the mettle of the theory found it pretty lacking, since it apparently assumed you were going to make one meal with your ingredients, then throw everythingContinue reading “10 Times Eating Out Is Cheaper Than Cooking”

30 Celebrities Banned From Other Countries

You would think that celebrities would be welcomed anywhere in the world with open arms, but that isn’t the case for some A-listers. Here are 30 celebrities who have been banned from countries around the world due to their behavior. Chris Brown If only we could ban him from this country… this certified scumbag is bannedContinue reading “30 Celebrities Banned From Other Countries”

30 “Tacky” Home Decor Trends That Are Actually Fine

People just love to hate on things that are popular or “mainstream,” and unfortunately, some really great home decor trends get unfairly judged because of how trendy they are. We’ve all heard that one person that hates a trend just because they see it everywhere whether it looks good or not! However, we do haveContinue reading “30 “Tacky” Home Decor Trends That Are Actually Fine”

10 Tinder Profile Mistakes That Make Women Swipe Left Every Time

Tinder’s fast-paced swiping gives you a tiny window in which to impress the ladies. You’d be surprised at how many things you can do wrong in such a small space. Here are 10 profile mistakes that won’t get you dates! 1. Every Picture Is a Group Shot If you are standing with 12 other peopleContinue reading “10 Tinder Profile Mistakes That Make Women Swipe Left Every Time”